What do I have to keep in mind when I buy a bike?

It's best to buy a bike from a specialist dealer, because they offer good advice and service. But before you go there, you should think a little about what you want from your new bike. What do you plan to do with the bike and how great are your ususal distances?

Bike type

You will now find a bike for every purpose. That's why you have to think about exactly what you want from your bike. Do you just want to make short trips to the bakery, do you want to commute to work every day or do you want an energetic workout on the road or off-road? Do you want to sit very comfortably and upright or do you prefer a sportier riding position? How much do you want to spend on your bike? Answer these questions as precisely as possible and then go to a specialist shop for advice.

Saddle and handlebar height

The comfort of a bicycle is strongly determined by the distance between the handlebars and the saddle. It is the difference in height that determines whether you feel comfortable or not. During a test ride at your dealer's, try out whether you prefer a sporty position or would prefer to sit a little more comfortably but not as efficiently.

Field of use

Even within a category such as the mountainbike there are many different areas of use: for example, a road-going MTB with lights, mudguards and luggage rack, a racing hardtail and a full-suspension enduro bike for a fun ride, especially downhill. But there are also more and more bikes that combine several uses: the gravel bike, for example, is a mixture between a racing bike and a mountain bike. The trekking bike also feels at home on dirt, and the city bike, in a high-quality and lighter version, can also provide a lot of pleasure on long tours.