Ergonomics Innovation Prize - awarded the Ergonomics Innovation Prize 2021

It was not until May 2021 that we launched Since then, however, high visitor numbers show that our internationally unique interactive advisory service for physical cycling problems and ergonomics is used intensively by the bike and e-bike community. Now we are delighted to have received prestigious recognition: has been awarded the 2021 Ergonomics Innovation Prize.

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According to the Nuremberg-based Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR), which awards the prize, the Ergonomics Innovation Prize is dedicated to supporting "efforts for more ergonomics in everyday life.". IGR attaches the same high priority to ergonomics as we do at ergotec: "The subject of behavioural ergonomics is becoming increasingly important. Responsible personal action based on well-founded knowledge enables the sensible and stress-free use of working equipment. Providing a balance with exercise and sport contributes to the prevention of damage caused by one-sided or incorrect strain. Sensible ergonomic innovations make a valuable contribution to this", stated IGR on the occasion of the award ceremony.

Für uns ist dieser wichtige Preis Bestätigung und Ansporn zugleich. Die intensive For us this prestigious award is both confirmation of our approach and an incentive. The intensive use of our website, developed in close cooperation with the scientific cycling expert Dr. Achim Schmidt, shows us that you, the bike and e-bike community, are just as passionate about ergonomically perfect cycling as we are. At the same time we are also highly motivated for the future when it comes to regularly updating with new, relevant tips for you and making it even better. By the way, you can also find on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.